October 2013 Issue

Branching Out

Jackson hosts urban forestry conference


Conference sponsors, exhibitors

  • AJ's Tree Service
  • Armour&Armour Environmental Marketing
  • ArborMedics
  • Dement Tree Service
  • <
  • Ferrell Tree
  • Follis Tree Preservation
  • Four Seasons Nursery & Garden Center
  • Fulgham's
  • Haller's Landscaping
  • Jackson Energy Authority
  • Jackson Tree Board
  • Memphis Botanic Garden
  • The Ornamentor
  • Pinnacle Arborist Supplies
  • Village Trees
  • Wolf Tree

Nearly 100 foresters, arborists, gardeners, and tree lovers attended TUFC's urban forestry conference October 3–4 in Jackson.

Thursday featured all-day workshops on tree appraisal and assessment and a tour of Jackson's trees before a reception at First Presbyterian Church.

Friday's keynote speaker Dave Creech talked about people, plans, and plants in China. PDF The awards banquet honored urban foresters, and four trees were inducted into the Landmark Tree Registry.

Afternoon sessions covered tree pests and tree planting and care.
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Eight named Urban Forestry Award winners

President Karla Kean and state urban forester Bruce Webster present plaques to forestry award recipients and landmark/historic tree representatives.

TUFC recognized eight individuals for significant contributions to establishing and maintaining viable community forests in Tennessee. Awards were presented at an October 4 luncheon at the 22nd annual TUFC urban forestry conference in Jackson.

Winners of Urban Forestry Awards of Excellence

  • Builder/Developer: Henry Turley, Memphis
  • Career Achievement: Eleanor Willis, Friends of Warner Parks, Nashville
  • Citizen Activist: Eileen Elliott and Marlene Wilson, Trenton
  • Media: Danny Jones, Trenton
  • Government Employee Award: Burk Renner, Memphis
  • Private Professional Award: Dr. Mark Follis, Memphis
  • President’s Award: Laurie Williams, Memphis

Aquilino Amador wins Tennessee Tree Climb


BJ Absher, Rob Kraker, Aquilino Amador, and Jeremy Dunivan

Twenty-three expert climbers competed in the 15th annual Tennessee Tree Climb October 5 at University of Memphis in Jackson.

In the individual events, Aquilino Amador won the throwline, Jeremy Dunivan won the speed climb, Aaron Andersen won the footlock, Matt Starks won aerial rescue, and Benjamin Absher won the work climb. Dunivan also had highest overall preliminary events score.

The top climber from each team participated in the Master’s Challenge. Contestants are judged on their knowledge of climbing techniques, use of equipment, safety, poise, continuity, and overall productivity.

The Tennessee Tree Climb Champion is Aquilino Amador of Davey Tree Experts in Nashville. Rob Kraker of Davey and BJ Absher of Andersen Tree Care are runners-up.

The Tree Climb winner goes on to compete in the ISA Southern Tree Competition.
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Limited-edition prints of Notable Trees available

Fringetree Poster

A few limited-edition posters of three Notable Trees are still available. The 20x24 posters are printed on high-quality paper and frame-ready. Posters available are the American Fringetree in Memphis (above), the Loblolly Pine in McNairy County, and the Japanese Zelkova in Nashville. Price is $75 each. More

Moon trees top registry list


The registry of Landmark and Historic Trees has four new members from across the state, including three trees whose seeds traveled around the moon.

In 1971 astronaut Stuart Roosa took tree seeds along on Apollo 14. Three trees grown from those seeds are alive today — the newest residents on the Landmark Tree Registry. American sycamores grow at University of the South in Sewanee (above) and Sycamore Shoals State Park in Elizabethton and a loblolly pine at the UT Forestry Experiment Station in Knoxville.

Also inducted was the Witness Tree of Richland Country Club. Now watching over weekend hackers at the ninth tee, this stately bur oak has seen the passage of Middle Tennessee history.

Sited along an ancient buffalo trail, it was nearby as John Overton and Andrew Jackson passed a rudimentary road that became a turnpike. And in 1864 the Battle of the Barricade began nearby as one of the last skirmishes of the Battle of Nashville.

The Tennessee Landmark and Historic Tree Registry recognizes noteworthy trees or groves for their significance to Tennessee communities, the state, and the nation.
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Promoting healthy and sustainable urban and community forests
in Tennessee

New, renewing TUFC members


  • AJ's Tree Service
  • ArborMedics
  • Armour&Armour
    Environmental Marketing
  • Davey Tree
  • Ferrell Tree
  • Tennessee Division of Forestry
  • Wolf Tree


  • Follis Tree Preservation
  • Haller's Landscaping & Lawncare
  • The Ornamentor
  • Dement Tree Service


  • Tennessee Division of Forestry
  • Knoxville Utilities Board
  • City of Lakeland
  • City of Cleveland
  • City of Jackson
  • University of Tennessee
  • Dyersburg State Community College
  • Metro Nashville

Nonprofit/Tree Board

  • Wayne Caldwell
  • Christopher O'Bryan
  • Chuck Whited


  • Douglas Airhart
  • Nan Beesley
  • Chester Bush
  • Jan Castillo
  • Deborah Chandler
  • Mike Cleere
  • Becket DeChant
  • Jeff Dunbar
  • Sonya Erickson
  • Marti Foster
  • Bruce Franklin
  • Ann Frogge
  • Zechary Giles
  • Jack Golio
  • Tracy Jackson
  • Scott Johnson
  • Karla Kean
  • Josiah Lockard
  • Noah Long
  • Bob Meoak
  • Flo Moore
  • James Myers
  • Dwight Norris
  • Betsy Porter
  • Shawn Posey
  • Isobel Ritch
  • Brian Rucker
  • Michael Schiebout
  • Tom Simpson
  • Steve Springer
  • Carol Walenga
  • James Watson III
  • Bruce Webster
  • Lydia Wiggins-Azimi
  • Laurie Williams
  • Edwin Witt
  • Robert Wray
  • Guy Zimmerman


  • Sierra Darnell
  • Michael Moore
  • Chole Poole
  • Benjamin Reichert
  • Christine Sullivan
  • Thomas Turnbull
  • Mason Young

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