July 2016 Issue

Branching Out

Get hands-on at urban forestry conference October 6-7

TUFC's 2016 urban forestry conference focuses on hands-on urban forestry October 6–7 at the Rutherford County Extension Office in Murfreesboro.

This is the Council's 25th annual conference. TUFC got its start in 1991 when two dozen visionaries gathered on Valentine’s Day to create the statewide organization. History

Cheekwood designated Center of Excellence


Nashville's Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art is TUFC's newest Center of Excellence, joining Memphis Botanic Garden.

"TUFC is honored to have Cheekwood Botanical Garden as our newly designated Center of Excellence," said TUFC president De'Etra Young. "As a designated COE, Cheekwood will assist TUFC in enhancing our outreach and educational programs. We are committed to educating communities to build stronger urban forests and promoting the awareness and importance of healthy trees and green spaces to our urban communities."

The 55-acre site features a sprawling garden of plant collections. TUFC has certified it as a Level 4 arboretum.

Created in 2012, TUFC’s Center of Excellence program enhances urban forestry at regional sites throughout the state. The Centers assist with arboretum development and certification, provide ongoing educational programs, and give citizens a local resource for arboriculture. MORE

MBG teaches thousands about trees

laurel oak

A laurel oak in the Cooper Young neighborhood is evaluated by P. Baxter from the Memphis Botanic Garden Tree Team & J. Shellabarger, who is working toward a neighborhood arboretum.

Memphis Botanic Garden, TUFC's first Center of Excellence, has had a busy year so far promoting the urban forest:

  • Arboretum Assistance. Worked with the Riverdale Elementary and Cooper Young arboreta.
  • Collections. Restored three-acre oak grove and planted redbud, dwarf bald cypress, eight large windmill palms, and two Okame cherry trees.
  • Educational Programming. Presented 13 programs to more than 4,500 people in classes, school clubs, outreach visits, field trips, an interactive exhibit on trees, and the World of Plants International Children’s Fest.
  • Urban Forestry Support. Hosted TUFC, UFA, and Memphis tree board meetings and the official City of Memphis Arbor Day.

Thank your volunteers with a nomination

The Council’s silver anniversary is the perfect opportunity to honor the top people making an impact in your urban forestry community — give your local volunteers a pat on the back with a nomination to TUFC’s Urban Forestry Awards. Make it a priority to nominate at least one person this year. Categories include: Builder/Developer, Government Employee, Private Professional, Citizen Activist, Media, Green Industry, and Tree Board. Nomination form

Lichterman arboretum levels up


Lichterman Nature Center has upgraded to a Level 2 arboretum with 66 trees on 65 acres in the heart of Memphis. The city's Sea Isle Park Arboretum has been recertified with 45 labeled trees. Also, the site at the Corps of Engineers environmental study area in Hendersonville has a new name: Walton Ferry Arboretum. TUFC has now certified more than 100 arboreta across the state. TUFC arboreta

West chapter meets August 18

The next meeting of the West chapter of TUFC is August 18 at 1 p.m. at Memphis Botanic Garden. MORE


Past president Eric Bridges is recognized for his outstanding contributions to the chapter by president Joellen Dimond with a white oak plaque created by Linnea West from wood donated by Woodland Trees.

Link Kroger Plus card to TUFC


Help TUFC protect our urban forests by shopping. You'll earn rewards for TUFC every time you use your Kroger Plus shopper's card. Get a card or link your current card to Tennessee Urban Forestry Council NPO#84450 by setting up a digital account here.

Social media webinar July 7

The Arbor Day Foundation sponsors Social Media Made Simple, a webinar at noon July 7 presented by Paul Johnson from the Texas Forest Service and Coe Roberts from the Arbor Day Foundation. Registration

Learn about Tennessee's tree treasures and support TUFC!

‘Trees of Tennessee’ features landmark, notable trees

  • Hardcover with 128 full-color pages
  • Introduction by TUFC co-founder Gene Hyde
  • More than 150 images including 68 notable, champion, landmark, historic, and heritage trees
  • East, Middle, West Tennessee sections
  • Fascinating facts about notable tree species
  • Legends and tales of landmark and historic trees
  • Proceeds to benefit TUFC programs for healthy and sustainable urban and community forests in Tennessee
Book Cover




Promoting healthy and sustainable urban and community forests
in Tennessee

New, renewing TUFC members

Gene Hyde
David Sipes


Make your home a tree sanctuary

You can now designate your property as a tree sanctuary with TUFC’s new program for residences. MORE

Emerald ash borer update

  • 48 counties including Davidson are now under state/federal quarantine. Map
  • EAB cannot be contained, and all ash species are at risk of dying.
  • Significant trees can sometimes be saved with permanent chemical treatments, if diagnosed early.
  • The most important way to slow the spread of EAB is to stop moving firewood.

Tennessee info
National info

Don't Move Firewood

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