March 2017 Issue

Branching Out

TUFC launches Replant Gatlinburg

Replant Gatlinburg

TUFC sponsors Replant Gatlinburg, a statewide effort to restore urban trees lost in the 2016 Chimney Tops Fire. Your donation supports our 2017 tree restoration project. Donors can sponsor a grove, plant a tree, support tree care, or buy our book. MORE

Give $50 to plant a tree

$50 buys a tree $125 starts a grove $50 plants a tree $25 cares for a tree

Thank our donors

$500 Nashville Corvette Club $125 Ridgetop Marketing • Trees Nashville/TUFC Middle Tennessee $50 Chris Armour • Martin Brown • Sonya Hardin • Nancy Skinner • Frances Peebles Book Sale Vivian Austin • Big East Fork Lodging • David Bullion • Angela Panvini • Cathryn Perdue

Urban forestry conference opens October 5

Urban Forestry Conference October 5-6 in Knoxville

The 26th annual urban forestry conference presented by Tennessee Urban Forestry Council runs October 5-6 at the University of Tennessee.

Leading Green is the theme of the conference, which focuses on preparing participants for practicing urban forestry in a changing world.

Chair Sharon Jean-Philippe and the conference committee promise an exciting program and hands-on project.

If you aren't on our email list, click this button to stay informed on the 2017 conference.

TUFC introduces new aboretum page


A new design featuring arboretum pictures, visitor information, tree lists, and maps showcases some of the nearly 100 arboreta certified by TUFC. MORE

West chapter meets April 20

TUFC West chapter's next meeting is 1 p.m. April 20 at Memphis Botanic Garden. MORE

Ask your utility to join Energy Saving Trees program


A new program encourages home owners to plant trees energy efficiently using i-Tree.

The Arbor Day Foundation's Energy Saving Trees program lets residents use satellite imagery of their home to see how planting different species in different locations yields energy savings. The homeowner then gets the chosen trees from the participating utility. The program has distributed more than 200,000 trees nationwide. MORE

Card gets free money for TUFC


Raise money for TUFC every time you use your Kroger Plus shopper's card.

Kroger donated more than $50 to TUFC last quarter, earned by supporters using their Kroger Plus shopper's cards.

Get a card or link your current card to Tennessee Urban Forestry Council NPO#84450 by setting up a digital account here.

$15 of every sale goes to TUFC's Replant Gatlinburg project

‘Trees of Tennessee’ features landmark, notable trees

  • Hardcover with 128 full-color pages
  • Introduction by TUFC co-founder Gene Hyde
  • More than 150 images including 68 notable, champion, landmark, historic, and heritage trees
  • East, Middle, West Tennessee sections
  • Fascinating facts about notable tree species
  • Legends and tales of landmark and historic trees
  • Proceeds to benefit TUFC programs for healthy and sustainable urban and community forests in Tennessee
Book Cover




Promoting healthy and sustainable urban and community forests
in Tennessee

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Make your home a tree sanctuary

You can now designate your property as a tree sanctuary with TUFC’s new program for residences. MORE

Emerald ash borer update

  • 59 counties including Davidson are now under state/federal quarantine. Map
  • EAB cannot be contained, and all ash species are at risk of dying.
  • Significant trees can sometimes be saved with permanent chemical treatments, if diagnosed early.
  • The most important way to slow the spread of EAB is to stop moving firewood.

Tennessee info
National info

Don't Move Firewood

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