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Branching Out

Program Spotlight:

Private Arboreta

Are you a collector of trees?  Do you have more than 100 species of trees on your property?  Consider getting your property certified as a Private Arboretum!

Considerations when selecting which Arboretum Program to apply for:

Arboreta Tree Sanctuary Private Arboreta
Land Type Public Private Private
Labels Required Not Required Required
Species Minimum 30 10 100
Certified by Inspection Inspected Reviewed but not inspected Inspected
Signage 18″ x 24″ Aluminum Sign 6″ x 6″ Pottery Plaque Stone Marker

Read More about this New Program Here:

New Tree Sanctuary in Nashville

Peebles Tree Sanctuary

With 30 distinct tree species, Frances Peebles has achieved Tree Sanctuary status for her beautiful yard.  Learn more about the Tree Sanctuaries in Tennessee here:

 New & Recertified Arboreta in

 East, Middle and West TN!

New Level 1 – Bearden High School, Knoxville

Bearden High School Arboretum

Recertified Level 2 – Belle Meade Plantation, Nashville

Belle Meade Plantation

New Level 1 – Pleasant Run Creek Park, Bolivar

Pleasant Run Creek Park Arboretum

New Level 1 – Milan Park, Milan

Milan Park Arboretum

Learn more about these arboreta and make plans to visit one soon!  Click Here

eLearn Urban Forestry

eLearn: Urban Forestry is a state-of-the-art online, distance-learning program geared specifically toward beginning urban foresters and those allied professionals working in and around urban and urbanizing landscapes.

To receive a certificate of completion and/ or ISA credit for this free course. Click here. Create a login and password on this site and complete all requirements to receive a certificate and ISA credit. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

Volunteer Spotlight

Who are you? I am Wes Hopper  owner of Urban Forestry in Memphis.  I have been “in the trees” for 36 years and I try to represent the people of Memphis to the best of my abilities.

How long have you served the TUFC? I have served the organization for 19 years.

Why do you serve? When I was first asked to be on the board of directors, I responded with a question.  “I have never served on a board before, what do you want me to do?”.  I was assigned the duty of improving the tree care industry in West Tennessee.  And so I took it to heart. I have served as the perpetual Treasurer of the West TN Chapter. I have chaired the tree climb competition for many years and now serve as the head judge.  I have taught many tree id classes for the Urban Forestry Advisor class offered every Fall.  I have taught the certified arborist study course and have proctored the exam for 15 years. I am a regular arboreta inspector for the Memphis area.  I have been a voice for urban forestry throughout the Southeast U.S.

Wes commits his time and his talents to educate everyone about the importance of caring for trees.  Wes gladly shares his knowledge with the public and with tree companies.  He often stops to talk with tree companies on the side of the road to share his knowledge and to encourage them to continue learning about best management practices in an effort to improve and protect the urban forest.


Thank you

to our New and Returning Members!

Professional Members:

Charles Batey David Hughes
Elmwood Cemetery – Kim Bearden Jonathon Nessle
Linda Brashear Richard Page
City of Brentwood Tree Board Burk Renner
Eric Bridges Brett Smith
Skip Heibert

Non-Professional Members:

Mary and Chris Albrecht Melissa Knirr
Rosemary Breithaupt Greg Lieberman
Elizabeth Byrd Susan McKnight
Linden Craig Madison May*
David Creagh Ted McLaughlin
James Draffin E. Bryan Miller
Judy Davis-Lewis Frances Peebles
Bill Gallops Bill Rehberg
Jep Gates Mona Robbins
Dixie Henderson Joni Roberts
Cody Herron Mary Beth Shepperd
L. Richard Hitt Neil Stringer
Clark Hooser Margaret Vandiver
Kathy James Phillip Willis*
* indicates membership also in the West TN Chapter of TUFC

Student Member:

Helen Wilson

Thank you to Randy Allen for donating $100!

Join our Board of Directors

The Tennessee Urban Forestry Council (TUFC) is deeply rooted in promoting healthy and sustainable urban and community forests which contribute to clean air and water, economic stability, and beautiful green places in which all Tennesseans and future generations will love, work and play. To continue to promote these efforts the TUFC is accepting board nominations year round. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please let us know. All board members are required to choose a committee to serve on. Committee assignments are detailed below. Self-nominations are welcomed.

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27th Annual TUFC Conference

2018 Conference Title

Nashville, TN

October 14 – 15

Cheekwood Estate and Gardens

The 3 Concurring Sessions offer the following talk topics:

Arboriculture Workforce Urban Tree Threats
Trees & the Golf Industry Tree Appraisal
Creative Tree Selection Understanding Trees
Crapemyrtle Bark Scale  Soil Fracturing
Increasing Survivability Tree Systemics
Urban Tree Planning IPM
Importance of Healthy Trees Tree Ordinances

Visit our Conference Page to see the full agenda!

Partner Spotlight

Forestry TN Dept of Agriculture Logo

Who are you and what services do you offer TN? The Forest Health & Sustainability Unit is comprised of Urban & Rural Forestry, Forest Health, Stewardship and Riparian within the Division of Forestry.  In Urban Forestry our main projects are:

  • Canopy Cover
  • Tree Planting Grants through the Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program (TAEP)
  • Urban & Community Forestry Grant Program
  • Arbor Day Recognition Programs (Tree City, Tree Line & Tree Campus)
  • Education & Outreach

Because we receive federal dollars to administer our program we also strive to ensure our communities achieve the four recognized standards that serve as building blocks to a strong urban program.  These standards are:

  • Establishing a tree board
  • Having a municipal tree ordinance
  • Developing an inventory/management plan
  • City Forester position or an arborist on retainer

Communities that have achieved all four standards are considered “managing” and those that have 1-3 are considered “developing”.  It is our mission to protect, enhance and improve urban forests across the state and to educate the public on the benefits of trees.

How many years have you sponsored the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council? Within the mandate by the Forest Service to receive grant funds, the Division of Forestry was obligated to start the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council (TUFC).  The urban forestry staff has continued to support the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council physically and financially since its inception back in 1991.

Why do you sponsor the TUFC? From the beginning the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council and the urban staff have supported each other in spreading the word on the benefits of trees and the importance of developing an urban program in communities statewide.  This has been done in a variety of ways such as: training sessions, workshops, seminars, conferences, and state & council programs.

Tree Climb Sponsor Spotlight

Who are you and what do you offer your clients? Lewis Tree Service is one of the largest providers of utility vegetation management services in North America and a leader in safety, responsiveness and innovation. Our teams support investor-owned utilities, electric co-ops and municipal electric utilities by providing a wide range of services and expertise including transmission and distribution utility line clearance and outage response resources. Whether working around-the-clock in a storm or reliably managing the ongoing line clearing needs of their customers, utilities count on Lewis to get the job done right. Lewis Tree Service is 100% employee-owned with approximately 4,500 employees in the U.S. and Canada.

How many years have you sponsored the TUFC Tree Climbing Competition? Several Years!

Why do you sponsor the TUFC? We sponsor the TUFC for a number of reasons. Lewis is committed to giving back to the communities in which we do business and to others in our field. We are aligned with your mission of providing educational programs and scholarships to others to enrich their lives. And who doesn’t love a great tree climbing competition? Bring it on!