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Tree Sanctuary Program Highlight

Tree Sanctuary Plaque

Become a Tree Sanctuary in 2018!

Do you know the trees in your yard?  If not, you can learn to identify them through our Resources page or by purchasing a Tree ID booklet.

Do you need more trees to meet the 10 species minimum?  You can add saplings or large trees as long as they are a different species.  Check out our Resources page for planting instructions and tree selection considerations!

Would you prefer to keep your beautiful yard a secret?  You do not have to invite the public in to see your yard.  You can be an anonymous Tree Sanctuary in your city.

The Tree Sanctuary Program was created to not only allow Tennesseans to have their own arboretum, but also to encourage them to know their trees, care for them and to plant diversity.  By committing to the care and protection of the trees in your yard, you encourage your neighbors and your community to do the same.

View the Tree Sanctuary Page for More Information

Amazing New Volunteer Log

 Reward Volunteers

Log your time so we can win money for TUFC!

Reward Volunteers is a free easy way to record the time you spend volunteering for the TUFC or the West TUFC. When you log time, and elect to share activity via Facebook you become eligible to win prizes like vacations, gift cards, gift baskets, or a cash prize for the TUFC.  The more time logged, the more chances to win one of the major prizes awarded each month.

The program was developed by the farm families who own Cabot Creamery Co-operative.  Cabot farmers are often the first to volunteer in their local communities and they look to honor the important efforts of volunteers across the country.

TUFC Friends – This tool is available from our website on our new Connections page.  By clicking on the Are you a Volunteer? button, a log in portal will appear.  You can create a log in account using your email address or facebook account.  You will easily be able to log your hours within seconds.  Make sure to log in within 6 days of the volunteered time.  Then TUFC will receive monthly reports of everyone’s time!!

So… what are you waiting for? Start today by logging your time and inspiring others through your service!

EAB Resources Available

The TN Forestry Division, Forest Health & Sustainability Unit has put together a guide to help communities develop an emerald ash borer action plan. There is also a separate document that provides a compilation of additional supporting resources.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Heather Slayton at [email protected]

These 2 community EAB resources will remain accessible from our TUFC Resources Page of our website.

Community EAB Action Plan

EAB Select Resources

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

― Albert Einstein

Join our Board of Directors

The Tennessee Urban Forestry Council (TUFC) is deeply rooted in promoting healthy and sustainable urban and community forests which contribute to clean air and water, economic stability, and beautiful green places in which all Tennesseans and future generations will love, work and play. To continue to promote these efforts the TUFC is accepting board positions to fill 5 seats. All board members are required to choose a committee to serve on. Committee assignments are detailed below. Self-nominations are welcomed.

Nomination Deadline:  February 26th, 2018

All Day Board Retreat:  March 8th, 2018

TUFC Launches a New Website!

We hope that you love the new look and are able to easily find the resources and pages that you need.   We will be adding more information and pages over the coming months.  If you find something that is missing or that needs some fine tuning, please contact Jill Smith by email at [email protected] so that we can make the appropriate adjustments.

New Mobile-Friendly TUFC Website

Executive Director Spotlight

Jill Smith
Who are you? Jill Smith is the Executive Director of the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council.  She received a B.S. in Environmental Biology at Taylor University and a M.S. in Natural Resources at Ball State University.  Jill resides in Nashville with her husband and 2 boys.

How long have you served the TUFC? I have been employed by the TUFC since 2012.

What do you love about your job?  I love trees and people.  I have always been drawn to the beauty of nature and want others to know and experience that beauty.  I am passionate about this organization and enjoy being a catalyst for greening and protecting our cities.

Tree Climb Sponsor Spotlight

Who are you and what do you offer your clients?  We are Anakeesta, Gatlinburg’s  newest family attraction offering  a unique and memorable outdoor mountain experience for all ages.

  • Start with a scenic Chondola ride from Downtown Gatlinburg to the summit of Anakeesta Mountain
  • Explore quaint treehouse-themed shops and food concessions at FireFly Village
  • Stroll through the Tree Canopy Walk
  • Race with friends on the Dueling Ziplines
  • Fly through the forest on a single-rail mountain coaster
  • Climb through a magical treehouse village playground
  • Relax and enjoy the spectacular mountain and downtown Gatlinburg views

How many years have you sponsored the TUFC Tree Climbing Competition?  This is our first of what we hope to be many years as sponsors for the Tree Climbing competition.

Why do you sponsor the TUFC?  We sponsor the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council  and the Tree Climbing Competition because we place great value on our trees and the value they add to the environment.  As good stewards of the environment we embrace the opportunity to support improvements in tree care, and tree care safety in Tennessee.  The Tree Climbing Competition encourages Arborists in the region to use cutting edge techniques in tree climbing and aerial rescue.  The experience of meeting with peers and exposure to cutting edge techniques improves the safety and skills of the overall Arborist community in the region.  We see this as an important investment in supporting the professional development of the people that care for the future of our trees in Tennessee.

The Professional Amenity Plant Appraisal Handbook

by Marty Shaw, RCA, BCMA

The Professional Amenity Plant Appraisal Handbook

 Visit for more information.

10% of all book sales will benefit TUFC! 

Thank you Marty!

Business and Conference Sponsor Spotlight

Tipco Logo 2018

Who are you and what do you offer your clients?  
TIPCO, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of plant health care products: traditional fertilizers such as Doggett, and Davey Arborgreen;  insecticides, fungicides,  anti-biotics, Tree Growth Regulators, and Bio-chars. We carry Mauget, Tree Tech, ArborSystem, ArborJet and Rainbow Tree Scientific products. In addition we carry everything offered by Southern Ag, Quest, Njekt – soil Injector; American Biochar;  Organic fertilizers offered by Green Pro Solutions, Nu-Arbor, Growth Products and more! Contact us for a quote today!

Our job is to help you solve your clients tree and plant problems with the best products on the market. In other words, our job is to make you look good!

How many years have you sponsored the TUFC?  Jim Cortese, the owner of Tipco, has been involved in the mission of the TUFC since its beginning 1991.  He has supported programs financially and through volunteer time for 27 years.  
Why do you sponsor the TUFC? We sponsor the TUFC because we support tree and plant conservation and education throughout the state of Tennessee; specifically in the cities and towns of our great state!

Contact info: [email protected] ; 865-546-3911

Save the Date

The 27th Annual TUFC Conference will be in Nashville on October 14 – 15 at Cheekwood Estate and Gardens.  This year the conference will follow the Annual Tennessee Tree Climbing Competition that will also be held in Nashville.

Note that this year’s Conference will be on Sunday and Monday.  Visit our Conference Page of the Website for more information as it becomes available.

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