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Arboreta Program Highlight

Tennessee is one of only three states that offer a certification program for arboreta. Currently there are 93 certified arboreta in Tennessee with collections of 30 to over 200 distinct tree species at their location. To build an arboretum in your community, review the application for more information. If you would like to assist a community arboretum become certified or recertified, please consider giving a donation.


Deerwood Arboretum recertified as a Level 2

An Arboretum since 2002, this Brentwood city park is located on a 27-acre site that borders the Little Harpeth River. This location has over 60 trees along paved and unpaved walking trails.

Monteagle Sunday School Assembly

Monteagle Sunday School Assembly recertified as a Level 1

This historic 385 acre site in Monteagle was established in 1882 as part of an outgrowth of the Chautauqua movement. This beautiful retreat has been an arboretum since 2012 and serves as a respite for its visitors and the students at University of the South.

Sycamore Shoals Entrance

Sycamore Shoals Historic State Park has recertified

Elizabethton’s Sycamore Shoals State Park was recently highlighted in an article by the Tennessee Conservationist Magazine for being a TUFC Level 2 certified arboretum! This park serves visitors from all over the nation and from many international countries, as well as its community 4-H, FFA and other youth groups.

View the Arboreta Page for More Information

TUFC Launches a New Website!

We hope that you love the new look and are able to easily find the resources and pages that you need.   We will be adding more information and pages over the coming months.  If you find something that is missing or that needs some fine tuning, please contact Jill Smith by email at [email protected] so that we can make the appropriate adjustments.

New Responsive TUFC Website
New Mobile-Friendly TUFC Website

We Need Board Members!

The Tennessee Urban Forestry Council (TUFC) is deeply rooted in promoting healthy and sustainable urban and community forests which contribute to clean air and water, economic stability, and beautiful green places in which all Tennesseans and future generations will love, work and play. To continue to promote these efforts the TUFC is accepting board positions to fill 5 seats. All board members are required to choose a committee to serve on. Committee assignments are detailed below. Self-nominations are welcomed.

Volunteer Spotlight

Sharon Jean-Philippe

Who are you? Sharon Jean-Philippe is an Associate Professor of Urban Forestry in the Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries at the University of Tennessee (UTK) in Knoxville, TN.  She received a B.S. in Biology from Tennessee State University (2002), M.S. in Botany (2005) and Ph.D. in Natural Resources (2010) from the University of Tennessee. Dr. Jean-Philippe has been the undergraduate advisor for urban forestry students and has taught several courses within the urban forestry concentration for the last 7 years.

How long have you served the TUFC? I have been a part of the TUFC since 2010, but have served on the board since 2014. This year I have taken on the role as TUFC Board President.

Why do you serve? It would be difficult these days to find someone who does not appreciate what trees do for our existence on this planet. I serve to promote the concepts of green infrastructure, environmental quality and greener cities to help increase the awareness of the ecological, economic and aesthetic benefits of a healthy urban forest.

Welcome Our
New & Renewing Members!

Business Members Students
Airtech Tools Nicholas Herron
Haller’s Landscaping and Lawncare Sally Ross
Memphis Botanic Garden Foundation
Sam Adams Landon Mills
Dale Amstutz Flo Moore
Dane Andersen Marta Morgan
Marty Baker Connor Moss
Ava Baldwin Nancy Murphy
Rhonda Bogard Jaime Nunan
Zachary Bonham Mary Pemberton
Micah Breedlove Carmen Pendergrass
Joanna Brichetto Tom Perry
Paul Buchignani Brad Petree
Ed & Suzanne Buck Mary Pogge
Jodi Jacobs Kelly Porter
Lewis Bausell Andrew Pulte
Joellen Dimond Toni Rodgers
Elizabeth Doss Jean Rogers
Janet Dowlen Nicholas Romito
Anna Duncan Jim Rouhan
David Dunn Beth Rowlett
Rachel Eatherly Brian Rucker
Mark Follis Gina Ruff
Geri Franske Vera Schabicki
Thomas Garner Jamie Schimenti
Steve Garrett Andrew Schneider
Jamie Graves Diane Sesler
Chaz Griffith Marty Shaw
C.J. Hall Nicholas St. Sauveur
Seth Harrison Kevin Stewart
Dan Hartman John Thomason
Michael Harvey Karen Tomlinson
Skip Heibert Vicki Turner
Richard Hitt Sharon Jean-Philippe
Kevin Hoyt David Vandergriff
Dolores Hurst Carol Walenga
Gene Hyde Diane Warwick
Jere Jeter Daniel Weaver
Kevin Key Diane Weaver
Kathrine Killebrew Thomas Welborn
Kasey Krouse Chuck Whited
Josiah Lockard Lydia Wiggins
Russell Marsh Christy Williams
Michele Mazzu Tom Wolf
Katherine McBride Scott Woods
Deborah McNeill Mason Young
Patricia Miller

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