Centers of Excellence Application

    Basic Information

    Submit a one page narrative describing your mission statement (items to include may be acreage, facilities, annual visitation, staff members, programs, and professional associations).


    1. Is the facility certified as a Level 4 Arboretum?

    (If you are not a Level 4 Arboretum. Please visit to review the criteria.)


    2. Describe how you have served as a community resource for tree information and education. Include at least four education programs on arboriculture or urban forestry offered in the past year or coming year.

    Besides educational programs, do you offer other resources such as a library, bookstore, exhibits, newsletter, publications, arbor day or other celebrations, or offer tours?


    3. Are facilities available for TUFC board meetings, workshops and conferences?


    4. List your ISA Certified Arborist on staff or retainer.


    5. List at least four members of the designated “tree team”  comprised of an ISA Certified Arborist, a staff member who is a fully employed by the institution, and a volunteer that is either a master gardener or master urban forester.


    6. List a member of your staff that can assist with the identification and inspection of new and recertifying arboreta in your Tennessee region.


    7. How will you promote your Center of Excellence’s mission and educational opportunities to the community?


    8. List the staff member that will compile information to file the annual report. (See other COE annual reports online)


    9. Are you including TUFC in your marketing plan? (TUFC logo on website, social media, newsletter, etc.)


    10. Would you consider becoming a TUFC Partner Member or a Conference Sponsor?

    If yes, whom should we contact?