Tennessee Tree Climb


Due to changes in the organization, the Tennessee Tree Climbing Championship will not offer a competition this Fall.  Competition dates will be posted here once a date has been determined.  If you would like to help organize this event in 2019, please contact Wes Hopper at [email protected].

Hope to see you in 2019!

Tennessee Tree Climbing Championship

2019 TBA

The annual statewide competition sponsored by TUFC since 1999 promotes tree care professionalism and safety practices. Contestants compete in five preliminary events and the Master’s Challenge for the state title, which includes a berth in the ISA Southern Tree Competition.

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2015 TUFC Walking in Memphis
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Tree Climbing Championship

2017 Sevier Park, Nashville
2016 Ellington Agricultural Center, Nashville
2015 Memphis Botanic Garden, Memphis
2014 Sevier Park, Nashville
2013 University of Memphis Lambuth, Jackson
2012 Ellington Agricultural Center, Nashville
2011 Ellington Agricultural Center, Nashville
2010: East Lake Park, Chattanooga
2009 Centennial Park, Nashville
2008 Lakeview Park, Knoxville
2007 Memphis Botanic Garden, Memphis
2006 Hadley Park, Nashville
2005 Memphis Botanic Garden, Memphis
2004 Ellington Agricultural Center, Nashville
2003 Warner Park, Chattanooga
2002 Centennial Park, Nashville
2001 Lake Shore Park, Knoxville
2000 Cheekwood Botanic Garden, Nashville
1999 Centennial Park, Nashville

Tennessee Tree Climbing Competition


Climbers must bring their own hardhat, eye protection, approved climbing saddle and safety lanyard, climbing line with locking snap or carabiner and handsaw with scabbard. Climbers may furnish their ofrrfwn throwlines, prusik loops or figure-8’s, or use those supplied by the committee.

Tennessee Tree Climbing Competition

If you would like to assist with the 2019 TUFC Tree Climb Competition, please contact Wes Hopper at [email protected].



Preliminary Events: Contestants compete in five categories.

  • Throwline: Accurately and timely hit targets at 40, 50 and 60 feet with a weighted throwline and install climbing liners.
  • Belayed Speed Climb: A timed 60-foot climb into a tree with a belayed climbing line.
  • Secured Foot Lock: A timed 40-foot climb into the tree using a prusik loop and the footlock climbing technique.
  • Work Climb: Move throughout the crown of a tree and perform specified task in a timely manner.
  • Aerial Rescue: A simulated accident situation where the contestants must climb a tree to an “injured” worker, secure the victim and lower safely to the wound.

Master’s Challenge: The top scorers of the preliminary events compete to determine the champion. The contestants must install a climbing line, complete simulated work events in the tree and return to the ground in a specified time limit. Contestants are judged on their knowledge of climbing techniques, use of equipment, safety, poise, continuity and overall productivity.

Tennessee Tree Climbing Competition

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